Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rest in peace, Bea Arthur

I looked for the "Malcolm in the Middle" episode where she sang ABBA's "Fernando," but I couldn't find it anywhere. So the Star Wars Holiday Special will have to do.

Unlike Ms. Arthur, I am still alive. Bullets from underground:
  • ALB got his first haircut. At age 2 and 2/3. My fine-haired baby. He didn't seem traumatized, either. Small victories...

  • AB is enjoying tee ball. Well, the part of tee ball where he's up to bat. The whole catching-and-throwing thing, not so much.

  • Work is bearable, which is all I'm asking for right now.

  • My mood tomorrow will be entirely dependent on the outcome of tonight's Caps game.

  • ALB shouts "Let's go Caps!" whenever he sees an ice rink on TV. So when we flipped through some ice skating last weekend, I was treated to "Let's go Caps! Let's go Caps!" Only from him, it sounds like "Wez go Caah!"

  • I am still reading your blogs, even though my comments are practically nonexistent. I am not on Facebook--this is all I have! So don't stop blogging!

UPDATED TO ADD: Hell yeah, wez go Caaaaaaah!!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Three hours

I'm watching three hours of ER-related television tonight (one-hour special followed by the two-hour series finale). That's a lot of ER, but I've watched every hour of this show for 15 seasons... well, save one. Of all things, I missed the episode where Abby and Luka got married. Which is ridiculous, if you know what a huge fan I was of that relationship, dating back to season 7.

Serious fangirl squealing going on in my house tonight.