Saturday, August 16, 2008

They're the Knights of the Round Table....

Had a great day today. (WARNING: This post is primarily for the benefit of NSAH, who was on the road today and would surely appreciate reading the recap. Will probably bore everyone else to tears.)

Sure, the kids woke me up early, as they are wont to do every damn day. But we watched a little Sesame Street, then played in the basement for a while. AB's new thing is wiffleball, so I tossed him a dozen or so pitches. He's getting pretty good, although I have to keep reminding him to keep his hands together. While we did that, ALB did puzzles. Then, at a respectable hour, we headed off to the local farm, where ALB made animal sounds and happily said goodbye to every "ammal." AB was kind of bored, but we then trekked over to the playground. He made friends with every kid there as ALB went down the slide over and over and over and over (x 10) again. Then we hit McD's and got a couple of Star Wars bobbleheads (Darth Vader--but I really wanted a Leia or a Han, shucks).

Then I took AB to this place. He had a blast, although I'd forgotten how long the show was and so he kept asking, "Mommy, when do they joust?" I thought it was fun (TOTALLY overpriced, but AB's admission was free, at least).

One thing I found interesting: there was a lot of princess stuff at the show, including merchandise and some whole drawn-out romance plotline between a princess and a prince. I remember going to a show back when I was a kid, waaaay before the Princessification of all young girls, and I don't remember any princess stuff or romance at the show. How things change.


Anonymous nsah said...

Did he pull a Fred Savage and ask to skip all the kissing parts?

9:32 AM, August 17, 2008  
Blogger kenju said...

I love the term "princessification!"

I have 4 granddaughters who've been through that process!!

9:43 PM, August 18, 2008  

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