Sunday, June 15, 2008


In less than 7 weeks, I get my life back. Must remember my law school cliches (it's a marathon, not a sprint and so forth).


Blogger Seeking Solace said...

My guess is that you are in trial mode.

Hang in there!

8:23 AM, June 16, 2008  
Blogger Rev Dr Mom said...

Yes, hang in there. This too shall pass.

9:01 AM, June 16, 2008  
Blogger K said...

Hang in there.

Jelly Beans always get me through the worst parts of my running-marathons. Hmmm...maybe I should start eating them for my work/life marathon-things too?

Good luck with the next 7 weeks.

12:27 PM, June 16, 2008  
Blogger halloweenlover said...

Totally doable, right? Hope you can enjoy some of the summer after these 7 weeks!

3:48 PM, June 16, 2008  
Blogger liz said...

When the 7 weeks are over, I will take you out to celebrate!

11:57 PM, June 16, 2008  
Blogger Jessica said...

This is fantastic, APL!

10:19 AM, June 25, 2008  

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