Friday, May 30, 2008

Bullets of an overworked litigator

  • So tired. I cannot convey the tiredness. It's like being drunk. Only not so fun. And it's not a valid excuse to skip work.

  • I am so angry. (Surprised?) I was just at the grocery store, and my favorite oatmeal of all-time, which admittedly just came on the market a few months ago, has been discontinued! Noooooooooo! It was marked down 50% off, so I grabbed 4 boxes (because, come on, I have no pantry). So, on the plus-side, my purchase was in keeping with the new frugal me. Still, I wonder if Quaker is stopping production, or if Giant is once again just toying with me.

  • Clear and Present Danger is on. Mmmm, Harrison.

  • Trying to figure out how, with my lack of sleep and the whole working-round-the-clock thing, I can see Indy at the best movie theater in D.C. Might have to go to a laaaaate show. Oy.

  • Molson Canadian is really good. And it's a good accompaniment to juicy peaches. Mmmm, peaches 'n' beer. Sounds like a new lip gloss flavor.

  • Oh, and Vindauga? Clooney, hands down. He's been on my Top 5 for more than a decade.

  • Thirteen days till Ed Norton freaks me out. I'm so excited!


Anonymous Lisa V said...

Yeah, it appears that George may have the popular vote tied up. But I think Craig can tie it up if Florida and Michigan vote.

2:46 AM, May 31, 2008  
Blogger Seeking Solace said...

I remember that over-tired litigator feeling. Hang in there.

Loved the new Indy movie!

Love Molson!!!!

9:40 AM, May 31, 2008  
Blogger liz said...

MS was not so thrilled with IJ IV. Exposition out the wazoo, he says.

1:37 PM, May 31, 2008  
Blogger Kai said...

I loved that oatmeal too!!!! Breakfast just won't be the same.

12:07 AM, June 02, 2008  

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