Friday, July 27, 2007

Funniest thing I've heard all week

As many of you know, The Simpsons Movie was released today.

Also released today: Flanders.

Here's me as a Simpsons character:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good boys & wayback machines

Having an awesome night.

Both boys went to sleep without the slightest struggle. Angry Little Baby was so tired that even though I put him in his crib awake, he didn't make a peep as I walked out of his room and closed the door.

The rest of us had some yummy leftover birthday cake, and then I read Angry Boy How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? He gave nice hugs and kisses and hasn't made any noise for the past hour.

And now NSAH and I are watching the "Goofy Ball" episode of NewsRadio. Love this episode. Maura was so hot before ER seasons 9 through 11 sucked the life out of her.

"Don't mess with a man with a Wayback machine, Dave. I can make it so that you were never born."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thank you, Nora Ephron...

...without whom I would have nothing clever to post on this day. (Seriously. I've planned this post for years now.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

SALLY: (weeping) And I'm gonna be 40!

HARRY: When?

SALLY: Someday.

HARRY: In eight years.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope everyone else has a great day, too.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Potter on the brain

As seen at Mimilou's:

What Harry Potter Character are You?

Harry Potter

You are an outgoing, fun person. You like taking charge and you're a leader. You would do anything to help someone in need and you don't understand why everyone is so infatuated with you.

Personality Test Results

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... except that I don't really like taking charge. I do it only when I feel like I have to.

Star Wars geek

Took the family over to my dad's this weekend to chill out for lunch. It was fun--he's a really good Grandpa. Only a great dad would pack up his kid's Star Wars toys, in their original boxes, and store them in the attic for years. And only an amazing grandpa would go up into the scorching hot attic in the middle of a Washington summer to bring them down for his grandson to play with.

AB was wide-eyed. He loves the toys, and I was probably the most excited to see them. We now have this set up in the living room. Less than 2 months before AB can watch A New Hope...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another kind of wizard

Next weekend, on July 21st, while everyone else will be excited about the arrival of this, I'll be excited about another arrival.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Order of the Phoenix

I am beat (although I got more sleep than expected, almost 3 1/2 hours), so here's my quick review before I go into work:

I really enjoyed it. Bear in mind two things: I have not read the book (any of them, for that matter), and I have really liked all of the four earlier movies (Chamber of Secrets probably being my least favorite of the four). That said, I'm not sure I'd say Order is my favorite, but it's right up there with Goblet of Fire. It was longer than 2 hours, but it was so crammed with story and action that not a moment seemed superfluous or edit-worthy. The time flew by. I laughed, I cried (almost).

Take this for what it is, the tired musings of a fangirl: I thought it was great. HP fans, go see it.

Edited to add: I agree with this review by the Post's Desson Thomson. If you see the movie, let me know in the comments whether you, too, were interpreting some visuals as a nod to a certain film starring John Hurt.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Heading out to wait in line to see HP and the Order of the Phoenix. Will be too tired to write a proper review tomorrow, because I likely will only get 2 hours of sleep. Hey, it'll be like when ALB was a tiny baby again!

By the by, if I had magic powers, I would make AB's many bug bites disappear. Poor little man.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Adults! You strut around like your farts don't stink...

Thoughts spawned by reading these posts over at Scrivener's (which referenced posts at Anastasia's and Twisty's place--and yes, I've read all the comments):

When I was younger, I didn't like children. Yes, even when I was a child myself. On the whole, I thought kids from birth through the teenage years were loud, annoying, discourteous and mean. Unlike other children my age (girls, for the most part), I avoided babysitting like the plague. I didn't care if it meant dollars in my pocket. I would find an excuse to be unavailable. As a child, I much prefered hanging out with adults. Of course, I knew a fair number of children who were not loud, annoying, discourteous or mean. These children were my friends … or were children I was able to ignore. On average, though, the adults that filled my world -- my parents, their close friends, my family members and my teachers -- were all amazing, wonderful, intelligent, caring, vivacious people. Oh, to live in a world where I could be surrounded by THESE people instead of those irritating children.

Flash forward about 20 years.

My world is now composed mostly of adults. These adults are rude. They act as if they are completely unaware of their surroundings, completely unaware of whom they might be affecting by their actions. They drive dangerously. They drive discourteously. They cut in line. They curse loudly (as do I). They toss cigarette butts out the window. They vote for Religious Right conservatives. They don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom. They drive while intoxicated. They are cruel to animals. They are cruel to children. They can be horrid, horrid people.

I realize now that my perceptions were completely skewed by my environs. When I was a child, I was mostly surrounded by children (i.e., young human beings). Being surrounded by many young human beings, the odds were higher that the individuals who annoyed me would be children. In contrast, the adults who were a part of my life and whom I adored were not at all representative of the greater adult world. I just didn't know that at the time.

Now, I am surrounded by adults (i.e., older human beings). They provoke as much annoyance in me now as certain children did when I was younger. Being surrounded by many older human beings, the odds are higher that the individuals who annoy me are adults.

It took me many years, but I have finally had my realization, my light bulb going off. I do not dislike children. Please forgive me my prior child-hating ways.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bonus child conversation:

APL: [AB], I'm tired of you making these random nonsense sounds. If you're going to make nonsense sounds, at least let's play a game. You repeat what I say.
APL: Ay, eee, eye, oh, you.
AB: Ay, eee, eye, oh, you.
APL: Good! Here's one you know. Eee-eye-eee-eye-oh.
AB: Eee-eye-eee-eye-oh.
NSAH: (sticking his head through the door) Baba Booey!
AB: Baba Booey! Baba Booey!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

In the spirit of this day of our independence from the monarchy, I pose this question:

Do you suppose the people who get so upset over "activist judges" who supposedly usurp the authority of the legislature by "making new law" will be likewise outraged when the executive branch usurps the power of both the legislative branch (U.S. Sentencing Commission, whose powers were delegated to it by Congress) and the judicial branch (the federal judge who in his discretion sentenced Libby within the Guidelines range)?