Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Plugged ducts and toy guns

Today I got a plugged duct. But I'm so fatigued that I've been failing to pronounce the final "t" in the word "duct." So I'm left with this image in my brain:

Which makes me, in my loopy state, think back to Jonathan Turley's piece on toy guns, as well as the subsequent chat. If I had to guess, I'd venture to say that some of my regular readers do not want their child(ren) to have toy guns.

I hadn't thought much about it before reading Turley's article. I grew up with a few toy guns, but I distinctly remember each one: a silver gun with an ivory handle, which came with a holster as part of a cowgirl outfit that I wore when I was very young; a Star Wars blaster that I carried with me the Halloween I went trick-or-treating as Princess Leia; and a cap gun I got in Colonial Williamsburg (I hardly ever put caps in it--they were too loud and the resulting smoke smelled narsty).

AB doesn't have any toy guns yet (just cool swords), so I've avoided thinking too much about whether I'm OK with my boys playing with guns. I'm certainly not averse to squirt guns--they're a fun part of hot Washington summers, and I look forward to getting into watergun fights. I don't think I'd object if a family member gave AB a toy gun if it was an old-fashioned type gun or rifle, or something out of Star Wars. But I might feel a little uncomfortable if someone bought him a toy machine gun or something that looked like a handgun. Not sure about that.

Do your kids have guns? If they do, is it something you're concerned about? If they don't, was that a conscious decision?

(proper credit for the picture, which I did not take: http://users.mtrx.net/funnypics/content/-rdm1-ABCD1234-rdm1-/2005/2005-08-23-0002/send_e-mail.jpg)

Friday, February 23, 2007

What's new, APL? Whoaaa, whoaaa, whoaaa*

Since my last post ...

  • I have switched to the new Blogger. Against my will, but whatever. Now I feel this tremendous pressure to come up with brilliant, funny tags. Meh.

  • We all went to see the Mouse on Ice. AB had a good time, and now he wants to see (Fucking) Aladdin.

  • I have slept maybe twelve hours.

  • I have switched my diet drink loyalties. Now instead of Diet Coke with Lime, I'm all about the Cherry Coke Zero.

  • I have been tagged by DaniGirl and will at some point tag some other bloggers.

  • I have canceled my Netflix subscription (sorry, Susan!) because I wasn't watching any movies.

  • AB's new thing is saying: "Guess what, Mom?" ("What?") "I loooooove you." He rules.

  • ALB's new thing is (almost) sitting up. He also loves rice cereal. (Interesting to me, because AB never got into cereal. He was more about the veggies.)

* with apologies to Tom Jones.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The sleep, she is ... how you say ... elusive

I see that it's been almost a week since my last post (and I thank the ladies who commented on that one).

I think I may have to take a reality-imposed break from the blog for a while. Besides, how many times can you people read these repeat "I'm so tired!" posts?

As Frosty said, I'll be back again some day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Personal question, chicas

Does anyone use (or have a friend who uses) Mirena? I'm pondering my options, and this sounds really good. My OB-GYN has given me all the info (side effects, etc.), but I really would like to hear from anyone with personal experience.

(Not that anyone cares, but my b.c. of choice has always been the pill.)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Too tired

Too tired to post, most of the time. My brain is mush. Perfect time for ... bullets!
  • Holy crud, it's cold. We've got a cold weather advisory tonight because, with the wind chill, it's dipping to ten degrees... below zero. Er, there's a reason I don't live in Massachusetts. And it's that I don't want to live where it gets ten degrees below zero. Ever. I don't want it to feel like ten degrees above zero, fer chrissakes.

  • I like my coworkers. Some more than others. But for the most part, good folks.

  • AB is such an awesome little bookworm. Tonight, he wanted me to read him a bunch of Mr. Men books (mine from when I was a kid). We read Mr. Clumsy, Mr. Bump and Mr. Forgetful. And then I read How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? And then I enticed him to get ready for bed by promising to read Froggy Learns to Swim.

  • AB's been so sweet and clingy lately. He'll scream, "Mommy, I loooooooove you!" and then mush his face up against mine. He'll clamber all over me (and his daddy) and squeal with delight.

  • Angry Little Baby's doing OK, not great. He's been fussier lately, waking up more frequently at night. I don't know if he's hungry, or gassy, or had a nightmare or what. But my default is now to nurse just to get him quiet so I can go right back to bed. I'm so freaking tired.

  • I would love to take some Hybernol and sleep for about six months. Can I please? Can I?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Three greatest words in the English language.

"No new messages."

I love it when Work Voicemail Lady tells me that.

(It's been a stressful week at work and home.)