Monday, January 01, 2007

First day of 2007

Started out wonderfully. Although Angry Little Baby was up a lot last night, after his 7:45 a.m. feeding, I fell back asleep... for 45 minutes! NSAH and I didn't wake up until my mom called to confirm her morning date with Angry Boy. I couldn't believe both boys let us sleep till 8:45! It was great. I hurried to feed and clothe AB, and he was ready to head out with my mom to see Charlotte's Web.

I went to the gym around 11 a.m., and I was the only one there. I had the Penn State-Tennessee game on the big TV, and Hoosiers on the little TV over my eliptical trainer. Yay for sports! Go Lions! Go Gene Hackman!

When AB got back from his date with Grandma, he conked right out and slept for 2 and a half hours. ALB slept for a long time, too (longer than his usual 45 minutes). I was able to be productive around the house... before AB woke up and wanted to watch Monster's Inc. AGAIN.

NSAH went out and got us dinner from the local burger place, which was very yummy. But the evening took a downhill turn when ALB refused to stop screaming for about 45 minutes. Hope he doesn't do a repeat performance later this evening. I'm too beat.

Hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve.


Blogger AAYOR said...

Here's hoping that the Little one got it all out of his system!

10:03 PM, January 01, 2007  

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