Monday, November 27, 2006

Brief Happy Feet report

There was some discussion in the comments to the last post about the content of Happy Feet, and its age-appropriateness. Just wanted to state that Angry Boy loved it and wasn't disturbed or scared by any of the imagery. (He knows from his books about predators, and that killer whales, skua birds and leopard seals are the enemies of penguins.)

BUT I appreciate it whenever someone has seen a movie and can offer a heads-up as to its content. You never know what will scare a kid--when his grandma took him to see Open Season, AB was petrified of the hunter and asked to leave the movie early. He still hasn't seen the whole thing.

(And I didn't take that nap, because on Saturday night, after nursing at 10 p.m., New Kid woke up only once, at 4 a.m. That's right. I got more than 5 straight hours of sleep for the first time in two months. It was awesome. I didn't blog about it because I was worried about jinxing things. Turns out, it didn't matter. I was up 4 times with New Kid last night, and I'm wrecked all over again today. Wheeee!)


Blogger Not so little sister said...

Perhaps a nap today is in order...can you sleep when he sleeps? Good luck!

9:22 AM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

We saw Happy Feet on the weekend with my four and two year old. Meh. Neither was disturbed by the violence or gore (which is a relief, because the younger one is going through a real fear phase right now, and I had no idea to expect that from this film) but all three of us agreed it was a boring movie at best.

Work on those naps - when mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

10:05 AM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger mc said...

Congrats on the sleep! Isn't it amazing??

11:05 AM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger liz said...

Muffin Man had me skip about 20 minutes of the Little Mermaid (new from Grandma) last night. "I don't like that Ursula."

2:51 PM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger Mieke said...

The boys loved Happy Feet.

10:08 PM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger ccw said...

We saw Happy Feet over the holiday. Both girls loved it.

10:46 AM, November 28, 2006  
Blogger Yankee, Transferred said...

Sorry about the sleep. I have such sympathy for anyone who doesn't get at least 6 straight hours a night, every night. I would be a lunatic.

11:46 AM, November 28, 2006  
Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

I remember those nights oh so well. I hope you get another good stretch of sleep tonight and feel like a supermodel tomorrow!

12:53 PM, November 29, 2006  
Blogger halloweenlover said...

I want to see Happy Feet! And Charlotte's Web!

12:59 PM, November 29, 2006  

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