Thursday, August 24, 2006


The FDA has approved the over-the-counter sale of Plan B.

Pluto is no longer a planet.

My head is swimming, and it's not even lunchtime.


Blogger LawMommy said...

Its a mad mad mad mad world.

12:27 PM, August 24, 2006  
Blogger Gina said...

I was so excited to see that they are finally starting to wise up over at the FDA!

And Pluto! With the new definition of a planet, I'm not sure I'm going to want to help Mr. P with is solar system project.

1:13 PM, August 24, 2006  
Anonymous Kristen said...

Really, no Pluto?

At the age of 37, I just finally learned the name of all the planets due to a song my Kindergarten-daughter sang constantly. All year long. Every day.

Figures as soon as I learned it, they'd go switching things around.

As for Plan B....I really wish they'd change the nick-name. It makes it sound like an afterthought, like we are deciding to change lunch plans. "Plan A we go to the deli...Plan B, the BBQ place."

But kudos for the FDA, in any case.

What an odd life I lead when I learn the two big news stories of the day not through the newspaper, or CNN's website or NPR....but APL's blog!! : )

1:16 PM, August 24, 2006  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Does this mean I have to take the glow-in-the-dark Pluto off LG's ceiling now? Feh.

Well, at least it's better than last week's aborted attemp to redefine planets. I was so not looking forward to having to explain that there were now hundreds of planets.

2:34 PM, August 24, 2006  
Blogger ~Sheryl said...

It feels like we are living in a Trivial Pursuit question...

What year did the International Astronomical Union strip Pluto of the planetary status?

At least our tax dollars are hard at work... /snarky

4:43 PM, August 24, 2006  
Blogger susan said...

I've had that Christine Lavin song about Pluto in my head all day. I know that science proceeds, testing theories and making new knowledge, and that's great. But I do have an emotional attachment to Pluto I didn't realize was there. Odd.

I've been too buried at work to pay attention to the national news, so the Plan B item is news to me. Not often do I get a pleasant surprise out of national news, so that's something.

8:01 PM, August 24, 2006  
Blogger Yankee, Transferred said...

It's wild out there. You never know what will happen next!

11:19 PM, August 24, 2006  
Blogger ccw said...

We have planet magnets on the fridge, do we remove Pluto?

So happy about the FDA decision. I only wish they would have had the nerve to make it for teens also.

8:09 AM, August 25, 2006  
Blogger Moi said...

Crazy stuff. Next thing you know, my kids'll stop whining.

5:41 PM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Melissa said...

Planet B. About time!

9:49 PM, August 27, 2006  

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