Saturday, May 13, 2006

I gotta say it was a good day*

Had a wonderful day (lots of sleep helps, I imagine). Didn't do much in the morning, but AB helped me run some errands, and he was very good. We went to the CVS to buy some Mother's Day cards and presents for his grandmothers, and then we went to the bank. AB actually likes accompanying me to the bank, because he knows if he's good, he'll get to have a cookie (they put out a big tub of cookies next to the coffee every day). I also got takeout lunch from a place we've been dying to try, and the food definitely did not disappoint. We'll probably have the leftovers tomorrow.

This afternoon we caught a wonderful puppet show, if you could call it a "puppet show." NSAH and AB and I were all entranced. And here I must brag for a minute. Even though it was a "no-shushing" performance (i.e., kids were encouraged to "participate" in the story-telling), AB was very quiet and opened his mouth only to announce what animals were appearing on stage. And (more bragging) he was quicker to announce the animals than a lot of the other kids sitting around us, who were at least a year or so older than he. So he was very good and very quiet. And, as is his movie-going m.o., he sat still on my lap through the whole performance. Love that.

Anyway, I think there are only a couple more shows left on the tour, but if you happen to live within driving distance of Purchase, NY, or Wolfville, Nova Scotia, you definitely must go see it. Very cool effects, I must say.

AB was good after the performance, too. We went to a family cookout, and he got to give my mom her Mother's Day card and presents (which she loved). Of course, I think she loved them because he actually picked them out for her. He also picked out the bag, which is why we handed her her Mother's Day card & gifts in a monster-themed gift bag. Nice.

And, for the first time in I-don't-remember-when (maybe since a week after we switched him from the crib to the bed?), he went to bed without the barest fuss. He gave me a sweet "bye, bye mommy" as he shooed me out of his room.

I'll let you know if Mother's Day is any better, but I can't imagine how it could be. Today was great.

* With apologies to Ice Cube. No, T. No, no. Cube.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having met AB, I can vouch for what an amazingly intelligent and well-behaved lad he is.

Happy Mother's Day, APL!

10:58 AM, May 14, 2006  
Blogger liz said...

And I can vouch for his encyclopedic knowledge of animals extant and extinct.

Love that boy. Love his mom, too.

Happy Mother's Day!

7:43 PM, May 14, 2006  
Blogger Jessica said...

Sounds like a wonderful day....hope today was just as good!

10:51 PM, May 14, 2006  
Anonymous Genevieve said...

Awwww . . . . what a fabulous Mother's Day! What a great boy!

10:11 AM, May 15, 2006  
Anonymous Claire (YT) said...

I love that Angry Boy.

12:37 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Summer said...

Little Girl loves trips to the bank too, for similar reasons that AB does -- one bank gives out Tootsie Rolls, and the other gives out lollipops. She gets her cookie fill during our visits to the grocery store (they give her a free cookie each time). Now...if she could just be as well behaved as AB during a performance -- we couldn't even get her to sit still for the circus. She wants to see the new Cars movie that is coming out in a few weeks -- we'll see how that goes! Hope you had a good mother's day!!!

4:08 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger halloweenlover said...

What a sweetiepea! He is such a doll! You should totally keep him ; )

4:39 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger kenju said...

Ah, he is growing up! You may find some regression after the new baby is here, but enjoy it for now!

10:07 AM, May 16, 2006  

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