Wednesday, March 29, 2006

20 Questions

NSAH tonight told me about this story in USA Today about the "Stop Snitching" movement.

Omerta, the Mafia's blood oath of silence, has been broken by turncoat after turncoat. But the call to stop snitching — on other folks in the 'hood — is getting louder.

Is it an attempt by drug dealers and gangsters to intimidate witnesses?

Is it a legitimate protest against law enforcers' over-reliance on self-serving criminal informers?


The slogan appeared in Baltimore about two years ago as the title of an underground DVD featuring threatening, gun-wielding drug dealers and a brief appearance by NBA star and Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony. Anthony, who later said he didn't know the video's theme, told ESPN The Magazine that the dealer-turned-informer excoriated in the DVD "ran our neighborhood. Now he's working with the state and the feds. You can't do that. He turned his back on the 'hood."

Anyway, NSAH read me the following quote in the story:

"The term 'snitch' was best applied to those that ratted revolutionaries like Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Che Guevara. ... Let's not let stupid cats use hip-hop to again twist this meaning for the sake of some 'innerganghood' violent drug thug crime dogs, who've sacrificed the black community's women and children."

And then he asked me, "Who do you think said it?"

APL: Well... obviously not Michael Eric Dyson.
NSAH: (laughing) No!
APL: Is it... a black entertainer?
NSAH: Yes.
APL: Is it an actor?
APL: Is it a rap or hip-hop artist?
NSAH: Yes.
APL: (thinking very hard before the next question) Is this person younger than 40?
NSAH: I don't think so.
APL: Is it one of the guys from Run-DMC?
NSAH: No, but of that general era.
APL: Chuck D!
NSAH: Yes!

Of course, NSAH admitted that if he had to give me a hint, all he'd be able to think to say is "Mr. D." Which is really too big a hint.

I am such the cool mom.

(According to Wikipedia, Chuck D is 45 years old.)


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Wait. Rap has lyrics?

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