Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How can it only be Wednesday?

Another busy day at work, which is good for two reasons. Billable hours are good. Not being bored is good. But I wound up staying fairly late, and only got about 15 good minutes with Angry Boy before he went to bed.

Tonight, I need to:
  • watch last night's 2 episodes of "Scrubs"

  • take out the recycling

  • put away AB's clothes

  • open all the random packages on my doorstep

  • draft a quick memo

  • figure out what time I need to leave the house tomorrow to get to court on time

  • figure out when I'm going to do the other work I need to do by the end of the week

I joined Netflix (again) about a week ago, thinking I'd have plenty of time to watch some movies in the next couple of weeks. What the hell was I thinking?


Blogger Songbird said...

APL, I'm wondering the same thing about Netflix, especially that it was not too smart to join right before the Olympics...

7:18 PM, February 09, 2006  

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