Sunday, October 02, 2005

Livid McCrankypants

Had a few stressful moments with Angry Boy today. Maybe it was his stuffy nose. Maybe he didn't sleep well last night. Whatever the reason, this morning he was on edge. Any little thing that didn't go his way would cause him to howl. And sometimes he'd howl even when things did go his way.

For example, he was enjoying his morning snack of banana and honeydew melon. When he finished up his fruit, he asked for "some apples?" So I took his plate, went to the fridge, got out two apple slices, put them on his plate, and returned to the dining rom. When he saw the apples, he started to scrunch up his whole face and cry, and he pushed the plate away. The fact that I brought him apples--which he asked for!--made him completely inconsolable. I had to take him out of the dining room and into our dark master bedroom. He still wailed like he was heartbroken. I finally got him to calm down by asking him questions about Sesame Street.

APL: (at her wit's end) Who lives on Sesame Street?

AB: (pausing his cries, confused by mommy's new tactic) Big Bird.

APL: Big Bird?

AB: Big Bird... and Snuffy.

APL: And who else?

AB: (significantly calmer now, and liking this line of questioning) Ernie.

APL: And who's Ernie's best friend?

AB: Bert.

APL: I like Baby Bear. Who's Baby Bear's best friend?

AB: (almost happy now) Telly!

APL: And who is Baby Bear's little sister?

AB: (smiling) Baby Bear's sister ... Curly Bear!

Swear to God, my most stressful direct examination ever. After his nap, he was much better. We all watched some football, and he was so sweet.

APL: I love you, [Angry Boy].

AB: I love you, too, Mommy.

APL: You are so cute!

AB: Yes.


Blogger Yankee T said...

I love Angry Boy.

10:42 PM, October 02, 2005  
Blogger liz said...

He is so delicious. And the fragileness must have been in the air today. Muffin Man had a touch of it, too.

11:05 PM, October 02, 2005  
Blogger ccw said...

What a cutie! Who knew apples could send him over the edge? We frequently have this occur with bananas. I guess we should no longer bring the children the fruit they request.

9:45 AM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger halloweenlover said...

You are brilliant APL. Who knew that all you needed was Sesame Street?

10:00 AM, October 03, 2005  
Anonymous Genevieve said...

Hmm, maybe I should try that at a deposition if the witness is getting verklempt?

I will say that being questioned by world's-most-persistent-preschooler was an excellent model for taking depositions. "Hmm, the witness is trying to avoid answering -- how would J-boy question him?"

10:09 AM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger Chatty Cricket said...

I'm going to hang onto this idea for when Lady a) understands Sesame Street, and b) is old enough to speak

10:27 AM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger Courtney said...

Love the "yes" at the end. Sounds like my little girl, who will come right out and tell you, "I'm cute!"

5:22 PM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger kenju said...

Did you ever find out why he freaked out about the apples?

7:20 PM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger susan said...

You win the creative parenting award for the day, APL. Very cool. AB sounds adorable (if occasionaly inconsolable).

8:43 PM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

No, Kenju, never figured out why. It'll remain a mystery.

9:25 PM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, this is so cute. I love the direct examination technique!

2:16 PM, October 04, 2005  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Good boy, good mommy. Good ending!

6:51 PM, October 04, 2005  
Blogger RussianViolets said...

He is just adorable!

4:06 PM, October 07, 2005  

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