Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So happy...

...because I'm spending the evening watching this. Finally. (Justjohn, I hope you're reading this post. And watching the DVDs, too!)


Blogger Yankee T said...

I never saw this show once.

1:03 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger Piece of Work said...

Oh, I LOVED that show! If Phil Hartman hadn't died, I bet it would still be on today.

1:14 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

That's it, YT, you're coming to my house. (You're invited, too, POW!)

It is one of my favorite TV shows ever. It's probably No. 2, right after "The Simpsons." NSAH and I were talking this morning about how we were so HAPPY last night watching those episodes again. It's a wonderful feeling.

And I know she's dead, and was probably mentally ill, but I can never forgive Phil Hartman's wife for taking his life. It still breaks my heart, these many years later.

1:41 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger kenju said...

I was a fan of that show too! I never missed an episode if I could help it.Glad to know it is out on DVD.

3:46 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger SuzanH said...

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. This was the best show-we have a bunch on tape from when it was on A&E.

I'm sick we can't swing getting this yet, but I'm going to be so happy when we do.

And YT, this show is sublime.

5:30 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger LibraryCrunch said...

that was such a fantastic show, especially the early years. such great humor.

8:12 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

You fans should go buy the DVDs! Hopefully if there's enough interest, they'll release the other seasons, too.

SuzanH, I had every episode on tape from A&E! I was so mad when they stopped showing that and started showing, IIRC, "Murder She Wrote." Grrr.

8:29 PM, June 09, 2005  
Blogger Neel Mehta said...

Jimmy James! Unlike every other Office Space fan, I don't look at Stephen Root and see Milton.

It was never clear to me why America needed a remake of The Office, seeing as how we did it first.

3:01 PM, June 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, JD! It's justjohn. Yes, I've been watching. I had the DVD playing last weekend while some people were over and no one knew the show but everyone knew the people on it. The most-frequent comment: "When/where was this show on???" The second-most frequent: "I didn't know Joe Rogan was an actor."

4:06 PM, June 10, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Jimmy James: the man so nice they named him twice.

Justjohn! Glad you stopped by. For the curious, the "JD" refers to my career-related psuedonym on another site.

4:28 PM, June 10, 2005  

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