Saturday, March 12, 2005

Working for the weekend

A friend (who may or may not read this blog--I do not know for sure) was asking about my weekends. Specifically, she wanted to know exactly how I spend my weekend time (she, like me, is a mom that works outside the home). I figured the exercise would actually help me out, too (after all, what the hell do I do on the weekends?), so here we go:

Friday Night

5:10 p.m.: Left work "early" so that Husband could leave the house by 6 to take Dog #1 in to the vet by 6:30.
5:28: Pull into driveway (love the commute!)
5:45: Husband gets home with son from daycare
6:00: Husband leaves for vet with Dog #1 (and will return with Dog #2, too, who spent all day there getting his teeth cleaned)
6:05: Feed child dinner: Gerber meat sticks (swear they're the same thing as those Vienna Sausages I scarfed as a kid), peas, cheddar cheese, and some Teddy Grahams (offered at the end of the meal, as an inducement to finish off the rest of the peas).
6:30: He's not going to eat anymore peas, and there's no way I'm giving him any more Teddy Grahams. Dinner is over.
6:31: I play with the boy, and read a few books to him.
7:00: Time to stop playing and start the bedtime routine.
7:35: Just as I'm getting ready to put him to bed, Husband comes home with both dogs. Dog #1 is herself. Dog #2 is totally whacked out on the anesthetics. Poor fella. Child waves goodnight to both dogs, hugs his Daddy, and goes to bed.
7:40: I take my temperature: 101.7. That's not good.
7:50: Head back to work to finish a draft of a brief that I promised I'd have done Friday night.
9:00: Draft is finished. Head home...
9:10: ...via McDonalds, where I pick up a medium strawberry shake for myself (dinner) and a hot fudge sundae (no nuts) for Husband (his dessert). The shake makes my burning throat feel much better, so I don't care about its utter lack of nutritional value.
9:20: Home again. Immediately change for bed and get under the covers, 'cause I'm cold. Stupid low-grade fever.
10:15: Go to sleep--very early.

12:30 a.m.: Woken up by Dog #1 who wants to go out...I think. Husband is taking care of it.
4:00: Woken up by Dog #2 who, obviously having regained some of his motor skills, is using all four of his feet to push me off of the bed. Struggle with dog and with sleep for the next hour or so.
6:00: Woken up again by Dog #1. Husband takes her out. I hear Dog #2, who is now finally allowed to eat (he wasn't allowed dinner Friday night, per the vet's orders), crunching away voraciously in the kitchen. I pray that none of this will make the child stir.
8:12: Finally start to hear happy awake-boy noises over the monitor. I cannot believe how late it is. He usually wakes us up by 7 on weekends, too. So glad he let us sleep in.
8:15: Take my temperature. It's down to 99.6. Still not great, but not too bad.
8:30: Watch some English Premier League soccer on TV with the baby now in the bed with us. Struggle mightily to keep him from taking everything off Mamma's nightstand. He is satisfied by holding my brush and his comb, and a book about doggies.
8:45: Feed him breakfast (Cheerios--boring, I know, but he likes them)
9:00: While Husband takes his shower, our son starts to play with toys. I try to read as much of the paper as I can while keeping an eye on him. He comes over to look at some of the pictures in the paper. We see kitties and panda bears and some woman who looks nothing like me but whom he insists on calling "Mama!"
9:40: I take my shower.
10:00: Morning snack time: sliced pears and pretzels (his new favorite snack food--he even stays "pretzels," although it comes out as "peh-sell")
10:20: More play time for him, reading the paper for me (when he isn't incorporating me into whatever game he's playing).
11:30: Lunchtime. Meat sticks again, peas, and cheese.
12:00 p.m.: Put him down for his nap. He cries a little, but stops after 2 minutes (I can tell he's wiped out).
12:20: Head to work. It's my fault; I haven't done a timesheet for two weeks. I need to sit down and just crank 'em out. I whip out my hand-written timesheets and start entering them on the computer. At least there's nobody in my end of the office, so I can turn on my radio and not bother shutting the door.
1:40: Head home, start watching college basketball and skimming Parents magazine.
2:30: Son wakes up from good, long nap. Comes into bedroom to watch some hoops with me. Seems interested for a little while.
3:10: Husband has to take our son away, because I'm having a heart attack over the game.
3:30: Husband gives our son his afternoon snack, while I'm screaming at the television.
3:45: Game finally over. Oy. All three of us head to the mall.
4:30: Arrive at the mall. Let son play in the play area, look for shoes for me (can't find any I like), Husband buys some shirts, and we head out.
5:30: Stop for dinner at a BBQ place we haven't been to in ages (probably since before the little guy was born). We all enjoy dinner.
6:30: Arrive home, and play for a little while.
6:45: Bath time for baby.
7:05: Start bedtime routine.
7:35: Put baby to bed.
7:38: Take my temperature. It's down to normal. I am convinced the Southern food had a healing effect on me.
7:40: Have a Coke, watch movie recorded on Tivo (Daddy Day Care--meant to watch it when it first came out but never had the time)
9:30: Finish watching movie (only a few interruptions required use of the "pause" button), and start going through pile of mail.
9:45: Go online, check work email (nothing work-related; nice email from my mom)
10:00: Start browsing the blogs I read, then start posting this.

Plans for Sunday

7:00 a.m.: Assuming the boy will wake us up at his normal time, which is fine.
9:30: Head downtown to meet Husband's brother--in town for some conference--for brunch. Pray that the boy behaves in the restaurant.
1:00: Assume we'll be home to put him down for his nap.
1:05: I'll pay bills, respond to invitations, other correspondence. Maybe a little document review before he wakes up.

Other goals for Sunday
Vacuum (at least the upstairs)
Clean the bathrooms
Read the paper (at least the front, Sunday Source, Metro, and Business sections)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that, my friends, is how a lawyer bills sixty hours per week! It's all about the time-keeping skills.

That having been said, do you find it a little odd that 'friend' wants an exact accounting of your weekend time?

9:32 AM, March 13, 2005  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

I'm in awe, Angry Pregnant Lawyer. I couldn't live your life for 20 minutes without having a total nervous breakdown. I salute you.

10:08 AM, March 13, 2005  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, and which game was giving you fits?

10:09 AM, March 13, 2005  
Anonymous Suburbia said...

I, too, salute you. To drop in and out of work on the weekend while still managing to get representatives from all food groups into your child... amazing.

4:16 PM, March 13, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

You guys are way too kind. It may seem like I'm busy, but it's only about 80% of my max. I still got to read the paper and watch hoops, two totally unproductive things that I do just for me.

Anonymous, I'm pretty sure my friend had no ulterior motives. :-) She's just trying to find a schedule that works for her, her husband, and her baby.

Phantom, the answer to your question is in a comment I left you a while back.

Suburbia, I've totally lucked out with the eating thing. Child will eat almost anything. I know that this may be a passing phase, and that Picky Toddler may be just around the corner, so I'm trying to cram as many fruits and veggies as possible into him now, as if he's a camel and can store it all for later, when he'll only eat Kraft Mac & Cheese.

9:43 PM, March 13, 2005  

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