Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Weekend, continued

So I went to bed not long after posting last night, around 11:30. Here was today:


7:00 a.m.: Woken up by the dogs, who wanted to go out. Husband let them out.
7:20: Son started making happy noises, so I went and got him up and dressed him while Husband showered.
7:40: I weighed myself (pre-shower, post-pee, and while totally naked). I haven't lost any weight in two weeks, but I haven't gained any either. I rejoiced quietly.
7:45: I showered while Husband fed our son (Cheerios and some pears--not fresh; those Dole fruit cups rule).
8:00: Husband and I read the paper and watched our son play. I got to read a lot of it, including the Book World review of two books about childhood obesity. Something else to worry about...later. Much later.
9:15: Somehow time flew, and we needed to start getting ready to go downtown. Husband let out the dogs while I packed toys and a book for our boy.
9:30: We headed downtown for brunch with Husband's brother.
10:00: We find a pretty good parking space downtown. Yay. Love driving downtown on Sundays--there's so little traffic.
10:05: Husband's brother shows up, and meets his nephew for the first time. We have a great brunch. Our son ate a whole fruit plate (watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapes), some of his dad's French toast, some of my home fries, and a little bit of the spinach from my eggs florentine. The staff at the restaurant was great, bringing him his own plate, talking to him about his Red Sox bib (he had no idea what they were saying, but he liked the attention), making sure he had enough to drink.
11:40: We left the restaurant after snapping a few pictures of the family together.
12:05: We got home, and played for a little while in the living room. But it wasn't long before he was lying down on the carpet and sucking his thumb, so we could tell he was ready for a nap. Right?
12:20: No, not really. I put him down without argument, but then he proceeded to make babbling noises for about 40 minutes.
1:00: Baby finally stopped babbling and (we suppose) began to sleep. We watched college hoops, I cut coupons (it's actually something I love doing), wrote thank yous, RSVP'ed (sent regrets) for a wedding, RSVP'ed (accepted) for a different bride's bridal shower, purchased wedding presents for both weddings online, and checked work email (no important messages, thank god).
3:30: Decided that we should probably wake up the boy after two and a half hours of sleep. Oh, we was sooooooo sleepy and sweet. I love it when he stretches his arms and legs at the same time. So cute.
3:45: Snack time (pretzels and milk). During snack time, I dustbust the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Then I look through the coupons and make a shopping list.
4:00: I head to the Giant, which is packed.
5:00: I head home. I saved more than $16 with my Bonus card and coupons. Yay, me!
5:30: Food and supplies are unpacked, with a lot of help from Husband and, surprisingly, a little help from the boy. While I carry his diapers to his room, he follows behind me with the pack of wipes. He puts it on the changing table shelf right where I tell him. That's a new thing. I'm proud of him.
5:40: I order pizza for dinner (it's a once-a-week thing for us).
5:45: We play in the living room, and I start a load of the boy's laundry.
6:05: The pizza arrives: pepperoni on all of it, extra tomatoes on half for me and the boy. We have the NCAA selection show on in the background.
6:30: I read some books to the boy.
7:05: We start the bedtime routine.
7:35: We put the boy to bed.
7:40: We watch a little PBS, which is doing a program on Arlington. I repair the boy's winter hat with a needle and thread (I feel so domestic, so unlike myself).
8:00: We watch our Sunday night shows (Simpsons, Arrested Development), and I post this.

It's 9 right now. I actually started this post at 7:55. Still planned for this evening: folding the boy's laundry, some quality time with Husband, and at least an hour of document review--which I can do in my pajamas.

It's been a good weekend. I feel like we did a lot. Did I do everything I planned? No. I never do. But did I do everything that needed to be done? Yeah. I mean, the floor in our bedroom seriously needed vacuuming, but that can be done tomorrow night. I also really want to clean the bathrooms (at least the toilets), which I can also do tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday. For me, the key is not really caring if some things don't get done. Were the dogs fed all weekend? Was the boy fed all weekend? Was he bathed at least once? If so, then we did OK.


Blogger Suzanne said...

This sounds so much like my weekends! I used to hold myself to much higher standards of productivity and then realized that down that path lies certain madness. My new weekend goal-setting process looks like this: Do what needs to be done and congratulate onself if anything over and above that gets done.

10:45 AM, March 14, 2005  

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