Sunday, March 06, 2005

Parent Geek

On Friday night, my husband and I discovered that we're somehow getting a lot of the cable channels we don't subscribe to. We're not sure if we're getting them by mistake, or if this is a weekend promotion, but we don't really care. Movie channels, Game Show Network, Boomerang (Yay, Hanna-Barbera cartoons!), and several MTV/VH1 channels that actually play--gasp!--music videos. I'm TIVO'ing any movie that I've even remotely had an interest in seeing. It's now Sunday afternoon, and we still have these channels. Hurrah!

Well, back on Friday night, immediately post-discovery of this cornucopia of viewing pleasure, it was sensory overload. We were like Joey and Chandler in the free-porn episode of "Friends": we just didn't want to turn off the TV. After midnight we finally gave into Mr. Sandman (saw that video, too--ah, scary Metallica!) and turned it off and went to sleep.

Right before we turned it off, we were watching a Ludacris video, one that must have been in the third Austin Powers movie, the one with Goldmember. Anyway, Vern Troyer (Mini Me) is in the video, dressed as a Mini Ludicrous. He's got the 'fro and everything. Well, at some points in the video, Ludacris is carrying Vern in a Baby Bjorn (just like Dr. Evil did in the movie). I said out loud to my husband, "Vern's not less than 40 pounds is he?" My husband looked at me like I was crazy, and muttered, "Parent geek."


Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

LOL! That is too much, Angry Pregnant Lawyer.

I have serious MTV-video-channel envy.

3:37 PM, March 06, 2005  
Blogger anbruch said...

When back in grad school we moved into our house, the cable company forgot to disconnect the cable after the previous owners left. It took the company six years to discover the mistake. Since you evidently have premium channels they'll probably find it sooner, but they probably installed an upgrade on your line that was meant for someone else. You're the lawyer, but my understanding is that if the company makes this sort of mistake, you are under no obligation to notify it. Is that correct?


9:46 PM, March 06, 2005  

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