Saturday, March 26, 2005

Drive-bys II, Electric Boogaloo

A while back, when we were all talking (and laughing and ranting) about mommy drive-bys, I noticed that even Joel Achenbach was the recipient of such jackass remarks. Well, in his column in tomorrow's Washington Post Magazine, he not only talks about drive-bys but also brings up the one from his blog.

My favorite part of the column is his description of a toddler's cries: "There's a brief silence from the child -- the receding of the sea just before the tsunami." I know exactly what he's referring to. Every now and then, when the boy is wailing about something (he's hitting his terrible twos early, the precocious guy) and my husband takes him out of the room, I'll notice an abrupt silence. Like an idiot, every time, I briefly think, "Wow, what did Husband do to get him to quiet down?" Then, generally just as that split second expires and I realize how ridiculous that thought was, I hear the "tsunami," crashing over our eardrums and slightly irritating the dogs.


Anonymous Lisa V said...

Oh yes, the moment when they are catching their breath in order to really let it out. You know how big or loud the wail will be how long that little calm is, the longer the scarier.

11:05 AM, March 28, 2005  

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