Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Can't wait till I have the time to read this opinion


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About friggin' time. Now if we can just leave the Death Penalty Club entirely, maybe we can lecture other countries about their human rights records.

1:39 PM, March 01, 2005  
Blogger notguilty said...

I love that the prosecutor in the Malvo case said he was "disappointed" with the ruling. Disappointed that we can't kill kids? Gee, I'm sure some parents feel that way on occasion.

Let's see, you can't decide to have sex (because you aren't able to make that kind of reasoned judgement), you can't drive, you can't get married (in most states), you can't have sex with your teacher, you can't vote, you can't drink - but we can kill you because you are an adult?

Am I stupid?

8:21 AM, March 04, 2005  

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