Friday, February 11, 2005

You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something: I am God.

This wire story tangentially reminds me of the movie Malice, starring Nicole Kidman and Bill Pullman. And Sexy Liberal Baldwin, back when he was still uncontrovertably sexy.

Nicole: What do you want?
Bill: What does everyone want? I want the Red Sox to win the World Series.

And a mere...eleven years after that movie was released, they did. Hallelujah, amen, and God bless Derek Lowe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Malice, where has Bill Pullman been lately? he was so visible in the '90s -- Malice, Singles, Sleepless in Seattle (which was on tonight and I ended up watching it again), While You Were Sleeping, etc. Now I rarely see him anymore -- he had that small role in Igby Goes Down -- but other than that...?


12:35 AM, February 13, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

He was in The Grudge, which I didn't see, because I don't see horror movies anymore, being that I'm not thirteen.

Bill is one of my favorites--had a thing for him ever since he was Lonestar in SpaceBalls.

8:37 PM, February 13, 2005  

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