Sunday, February 27, 2005

Shoot me before I talk about drive-bys again

Yes, I'm still milking this topic. It's an addiction. I can't stop. I'll finally start thinking about something else (the Oscars, my downward career trajectory, the book on the nightstand I should make more time to read, etc.), but then something or someone (Phantom Scribbler, I'm looking your way) will bring up the hot topic of parental drive-bys again.

On the phone with my dear ol' dad the other day. He's great with his grandbaby, and wants to see him all the time. Well, while we're setting up one of the many (wonderful and helpful, mind you) babysitting sessions, I mention how grateful I am to him because I have a lot of work to do this weekend (upcoming trial). It's then that my dad mentions that I should--are you ready for this?--play with my son.

REALLY? We're supposed to play with them? I thought all I had to do was birth the damn thing and nurse it for a handful of months. You mean I gotta play with it, too? I bet you're gonna say I should also read to it and sing to it, huh? Thank you so much. I had totally forgotten that I should play with my baby! Nevermind the fact that I would rather play with my smiley boy than do pretty much anything else. Nevermind that I work late into the evenings precisely because I want to spend his waking hours reading to him, playing with his Little People playsets, and kissing his chubby toes and feet.


Anonymous Blogbelle said...

Ah, it seems like parents really don't change, huh? He's just telling you stuff he knows you already know, like "wear your seatbelt" when you were younger, and "take out your contacts" when you got older," and "do your homework" when you were in college, and "don't drink so much" when you were in law school. He knows you know it, he just feels better having said it. Although it's completely unneeded advice because you've covered that base already, and he knows it.

2:01 AM, February 28, 2005  
Anonymous Suburbia said...

Wow -- a Grandfather Drive-by!

Great blog.

8:01 AM, February 28, 2005  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, Angry Pregnant Lawyer, it is all my fault. Don't blame your dad. He's just trying to keep up with my dad... who, by the way, is of the opinion that I play with my kids too much. YOU. JUST. CAN'T. WIN.

Silver linings:
1. At least you have a career, no matter its trajectory.
2. I bet you have great cholesterol.

10:12 AM, February 28, 2005  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Blogbelle, you are the voice of reason. I'm sure I freaked internally over my dad's comment mostly because--since I was in trial prep mode--I was already concerned about the lack of time I've been spending with my son. To have dad highlight that (even unintentionally) was just too much.

Phantom S, I had my cholesterol checked in high school, and it was so low, I never want to check it again (140, baby!).

7:58 PM, February 28, 2005  
Blogger SuzanH said...

I think you return to it because it never goes away, coming at you out of NOWHERE.

Had a nice one from my mother in law the other day (sorry it's so long)--

I've stayed at home since I had my daughter (8 years) doing volunteer work, a wee bit o' freelance work and getting my M.A. I am now looking for a job, but I live in MI which has the worst unemployment rate, so it's been hard.

I hear from my mother in law that she couldn't possibly have stayed home, she always worked, so her boys would have extras, and she needed to be busy.

Hey, thanks. My kid has PLENTY of extras, and if I'm still wearing the same sweater from 4 years ago, what's it to you? Also, I'm not just laying around, here.

Sorry, that was a lot of anger.

You cannot win.

10:11 AM, March 02, 2005  

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