Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A little from Column A, aaaaaand a little from Column B

Am I just buzzed, or is "Scrubs" awesomely funny tonight? (See above.)

At the grocery store tonight, there were only a few lanes open, since it was after 10 when I got there. Headed over to the 15 items or less express lane. Of course the jackass in front of me had at least 20 items. And of course, he has to ask for paper, not plastic, 'cause that takes eeeeeven looooonger. Hate. HATE. I thought about picking up his six boxes of frozen veggies and flinging them back toward the frozen foods section.

But, as I've mentioned, I was only slightly buzzed (one and a half beers with dinner). So I just stood there and seethed, shooting harmless hate rays out of my eyes, and sighing audibly.

I am a wuss.


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